Stability Calculation for TLF35584 Buck Converter

A small-signal linearized model to predict the loop gain for CCM under varying conditions.

  • Define output voltage variant and electrical parameters, select parts
  • Click on „Steady-State“ to view Simulation results
  • Want more variations? Change circuit configuration
  • Click on 'Hold result' to keep trace & compare to other Simulation results

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Technical Assistance
The simulation settings include switching frequency, input voltage, output voltage, output current, output capacitance and inductance. The results are shown in the scope window. Additionally, the user can compare the effect of parameter variations by holding different results. Be sure to take a look at the recommended external parts for this product in the datasheet first. For certain combinations it is possible that no cross-over of the magnitude plot with the 0 dB line occurs. Loop gain prediction is only valid for operation in continuous conduction mode (CCM), so make sure that the converters’ output current is higher as the minimum current needed to be in CCM (Imin_ccm).